Strengthening Multilateralism: Towards A Meaningful Participation of Women in Peace Processes

Date : 28 September 2023
Venue : River Meadow Manor, Irene

On the 28 September the SABTT convened a roundtable workshop, another as part of a series of events on the 2023 BRICS calendar. The roundtable focused on one of South Africa’s thematic priorities for its 2023 BRICS Presidency, titled Strengthening Multilateralism: Towards a Meaningful Participation of Women in Peace Processes. The event included panelists from the current five BRICS member countries, including a respondent from the Africa Institute of South Africa (Prof Nicasius Check) and a moderator from the University of Pretoria (Prof Maxi Schoeman). The session provided robust, salient points for reflection, addressing critical issues such as the marginalisation of women in peace processes, ways to strengthen multilateralism, and areas for support and opportunities for cooperation among the BRICS members in this regard. A notable distinction with this event was the inclusion of postgraduate students among the physical audience, in line with the SABTT and NIHSS goals of increasing postgraduate capacity building and youth empowerment. The event was a hybrid one, with some of the participants joining online, and with other physical participants hailing from across academia and from the SA BRICS Youth Association.